Georgia Mountain Farmer's Market

April 10, 2009 - Georgia Mountain Farmer's Market opens in Blairsville, Georgia

The Georgia Mountain Farmer's Market recently opened in Blairsville, Georgia. Owners Jack & Mary Miller and Frank & Linda Riley would like to thank Commissioner Paris, Mayor Conley, and all of the Chamber Ambassadors and member of the business community for attending the ribbon cutting.

The goal at Georgia Mountain Farmer's Market is to provide the freshest fruit and vegetables to people in Union County. The market plans to buy locally when produce is available in the area.

Many great products are currently available. Fresh produce, private label jams, jellies, hot sauce, and cider fill the shelves. Mercier Orchard products are available and include a large variety of apples and delicious fruit pies. Packaged meats include country hams. When visiting the market, look for specialties like hoop cheese, fried peanuts, NiHi Orange drinks, Amish butter, and local eggs. The market also sells birdhouses, locally grown organic plants, garden plants, herbs, shrubs, and flowers.

The owners of the Georgia Mountain Farmer's Market also grow their own corn and pumpkins on farms located in Towns County and Taylor County .