New Lights at Beaver Town ramp

February 22, 2010 - New lights at Beaver Town ramp on Lake Nottely in Blairsville, Georgia

The Senior Citizen Fishing Gang is fixing to crank off another year of fishing tournaments on Lake Nottely. Everyone is invited to join in the fun starting on Thursday, April 1, 2010 at Nottely Lake 's Beaver Town ramp. Starting time is 7:00 a.m. and the draw will be at 6:50 a.m. The Blairsville group is looking to make new friends and all ages are welcome to participate.

If you haven't been to Beaver Town ramp lately, there is a nice surprise awaiting you! Five new lights have recently been installed. They light up the early morning events and make the whole area safer. Many thanks go to the sole commissioner of Union County Lamar Paris, the people at the U.S. Forest Service, and the folks at Blue Ridge Mountain Electric Membership Corporation for their involvement and help in accomplishing this goal.

From the many people who use the Beaver Town ramp and parking area, a big thank-you to everyone that helped get the lights up! Hopefully this much needed improvement will draw more attention to our county's facilities and help make Union County shine even brighter. The Senior Citizen Fishing Gang would especially like to thank Mr. Paris, "Lamar, you are greatly appreciated for all you do for Union County ."


Lake Nottely Fishermen

June 8, 2006 - Front Row left to right: RL Frizell, Milo Fox
Back Row left to right: Bill Weaver, Ray Hartley, Ray Shelton, Hal Beacham, Earnest Thompson, Ed Johnson.

Senior Citizen Fishing Gang loves to fish on Lake Nottely

A good idea turned into fun times for young-at-heart senior citizens and disabled persons. Mr. R.L. Frizell started it all a couple of weeks ago when he decided to form an informal group of fishermen (and women).

The group meets every Thursday morning at 6:30 AM on Lake Nottely at the Beaver's Town Ramp (behind what used to be the old Johnson's Store). Boats leave promptly at 7:00 AM . Children and grandchildren are welcome to participate two times a year.

Everyone meets back at the boat ramp to show off the morning's catch and to weigh the fish at 11:00 AM . If you need to hitch a ride, Frizell says he has plenty of room on his boat. He adds, "If you want to fish but don't have a boat, we will make room for you. We're a friendly bunch of people. We really hope to make new friends so come on out and enjoy beautiful Lake Nottely ."

All senior citizens and disabled persons are invited. The group meets rain or shine as long as there's no lightening.

Frizell and wife Francis live in the Hickory Heights area of Blairsville, Georgia. They have been in Union County for thirty-one years. Frizell says, "Blairsville is a great place to call home."

Group of Nottely Fishermen enjoy Senior Classic Tournament

Senior Classic ends sucessful fishing season

Blairsville fishermen recently celebrated a season of fellowship and fun with a Senior Classic Tournament and barbeque. The group, which has met every Thursday morning since April, considers the experience a definite success.

Organizer R.L. Fritzell says, "We fished every morning except one which we called off due to heavy rain. It has been an exciting adventure with groups getting lost in the fog, lots of joking around, and generally having fun."

Beaver Town Ramp has been the scene of early morning arrivals and lunch time weigh-ins all summer long. Hal Beacham caught the most fish for the 2006 season. He was awarded a brand new Bart and Blinky Combo Rod and Reel (a perfect example of the group's sense of humor). Local boy, Milo Fox caught the largest bass weighing in at almost 5 lbs. and 10 oz.. (If you know Bud, this comes as no surprise.)

The informal group formed back in April when Fritzell and a few of his friends decided to invite other people to fish on Lake Nottely. They announced the details and interested participants quickly joined up. Inactive people perked up, handicapped friends got out of the house, disabled persons traded in easy-chairs for canes, and senior citizens all felt a bit younger.

The Senior Classic was the last tournament of the year but everyone plans on meeting again next season at 6:30 a.m. on the first Thursday of April.

Leaving out early in the morning