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People wait to see fireworks in Meeks Park

4th of July Fireworks in Blairsville, Georgia

The 4th of July Fireworks Display at Meeks Park was better than ever. A huge crowd attended the annual Union County event.

Vehicles lined up on the sides of Highway 515 and crowds filled most of Blairsville's parking lots. Meeks Park was crowded with people in lawn chairs and sitting on blankets. Children had flags and sparklers. Two little girls handed out patriotic buttons. Some folks brought picnics. Everyone enjoyed the wait almost as much as the show.

It was an exciting 4th of July celebration. Fireworks decorated the night sky and the loud "booms" could be heard for miles all over Union County. Children and adults watched with wide eyes.

Special appreciation and thanks to the Blairsville Union County Chamber of Commerce for all their hard work and also to the many officers and firemen that helped keep everything safe and orderly. Happy 230th Birthday America from Blairsville, Georgia.