Mad Cowz wins first place
Mad Cowz wins first place

Fast Action Paintball Tournament in Blairsville, Georgia

A three man paintball tournament was held recently at Fast Action Paintball in Blairsville, Georgia. The Mad Cowz came in first, the Kellum Valley Terrors came in second, and the Kellum Valley Crackers came in third. The games started out on the pipe field and then finals were held on the spool field. Everyone played hard and fast, but the best teams won! Winning team members received a trophy and a case of paint.

The 1st place team, Mad Cowz, play almost every weekend, usually at Fast Action Paintball. Joyce Morgan, a paintball mom, says, "They practice in the pasture or the woods, but a professional facility like Fast Action is a must for serious play." Tournaments provide competition and build team spirit.

Paintball is a safe sport if everyone plays by the rules. Most facilities require players to watch a safety video and there are stiff penalties for breaking rules, including being banned from play. Referees work hard to keep score and to keep everyone in line.

Paintball is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. People all over the world are forming teams, and paintball tournaments are attracting big name sponsors. It is an interesting sport to watch with many fans cheering from outside the safety nets.

Blairsville's Fast Action Paintball is a world class facility, owned and operated by Wade and Brenda Plott. Their goal is to provide a fun, safe, environment and to give young people (and adults) in Union County a choice in outdoor activities.