Easter Egg Hunt

Hundreds of Children hunt 5000 Easter Eggs at Meeks Park in Blairsville, Georgia

Hundreds of people turned out for the Annual Easter-Egg Hunt at Meeks Park in Blairsville, Georgia. 5000 eggs were "hid" for the event. Some were in plain site on the grass so that the little kids could fill their baskets. Some were harder to find which made things interesting for the older kids.

The most amazing thing was crowd control. How do you get hundreds of children, and their parents, lined-up for a group photo? How do you get them all to follow the rules and play fairly? How do you keep them orderly? Does it take a team of bunny helpers? Not this year!

One man, Master of Ceremonies, Norman Cooper managed the whole crowd! How did he do this amazing feat? For some reason, all the little kids obeyed Cooper to a tee. And so did the parents. Early birds threw back their eggs until starting time. People crowded in close for group photos, and every child waited until Cooper's say-so before running to find the eggs.

Of course, there were other people helping to make the event a success. A great big "thanks" to all the sponsors, volunteers, and to Norman who kept everything fair and square. It was a fun Easter Egg Hunt for the whole community.