Dwain Brackett speaks at Kiwanis meeting

Dwain Brackett speaks at Blairsville Kiwanis meeting

The Blairsville Kiwanis meet every week to discuss club projects and to share time with other members. They eat, sing, and generally have a good time together. The month of April had a darker theme than usual. "Preparing for our demise- none of us will get out of this world alive" included an informative presentation by Union County's Probate Judge, Dwain Brackett.

Brackett talked about wills and getting an estate probated. "If there's anything that's in your name only, and you don't have a will, someone must be appointed to look over your estate."

Brackett went on to explain that wills can be contested and that it is best to have an attorney draw up a will. He said, "An attorney will ask a whole series of questions and will evaluate your state of mind. If you do it yourself, you lose that safety net."

Brackett advised that a person never add an amendment, or codicil, to their will. "Codicils are separate documents and can lead to confusion. They might even get lost."

Judge Brackett shared many interesting facts. If there's no will when a person dies, Georgia law requires that the possessions be divided equally between linear descendants. The spouse and children come first. If there's no spouse or children, possessions go to parents, then brothers and sisters or nieces and nephews.

Brackett explained rights of survivorship, life estates, and living wills. He advised that anyone with questions about estate taxes contact a CPA. The Kiwanis learned a lot from Judge Brackett and would like to thank him for his presentation.

Continuing with April's theme, Max Cochran will be the next quest speaker. The Kiwanis have many other exciting events planned in the upcoming months including the annual Butternut Creek Golf Tournament in Union County.