Dog home  after 9 years

Dog finds old home after 9 years

KC is a friendly cocker spaniel with black curls and an adorable face. He has been with Helen and Jim Yost since 1993 and is almost 16 years old.

KC recently had quite an adventure. During a move from Lake Nottely area to Town Creek area of Union County, KC got loose and ran off. When he didn't return by nightfall Helen and Jim began to worry.

"KC is deaf and we were really worried about him." Says Jim Yost. "We checked with the local vets and the humane society hoping someone had found him. After a week went by without a clue, we were about to give up."

Out of the blue came a telephone call from Blairsville Animal Hospital. Dr. Livingston was treating a dog that fitted KC's description. The dog had been shot with a BB gun and also had some serious bite wounds.

KC had returned to his old home, a former residence on East Misty Lane, near Alexander's Store, now owned by Mike and Brenda Gowan. KC lived there with the Yosts over nine years ago before moving to the northern part of Union County.

Mike Gowan was sitting outside when KC came running up. Wife Brenda says, "The dog was filthy with ticks and mud. We gave him chicken pot pie for dinner and he slept on a comforter in the garage." The next day the Gowans took KC to Dr Livingston's in Blairsville, Georgia where he was immediately recognized.

Brenda says, "It all made sense when we found out who he belonged to. We bought our house from the Yosts nine years ago. KC went home, it was just the wrong home and the wrong people!"

After 10 days in the wild, KC is finally back home in Union County with Helen, Jim, and their five other dogs. Safe and secure, KC has no plans for another adventure anytime soon. Maybe you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but KC gets points for a good sense of direction and a remarkable memory.