Dictionary Project in Union County
Dictionary Project 2005

Dictionary Project in Blairsville, Georgia

The Beta Epsilon Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society recently visited the Union County and Woody Gap Elementary Schools. They gave each 4th grade student a dictionary. Approximately 164 dictionaries were given out to local students in the Blairsville, Georgia area.

Janice Cochran, President of the Chapter, and Eva Decker, Chair, enjoyed passing out the books. Ms. Eva told the 4th graders, "These dictionaries are a valuable resource. If you take care of them, they will last many years."

Eva Decker, Janice Cochran, David Ueltzen, Ravonda Phillips, and Debra Collins watched as the 4th graders in Ms. Collins' class leafed through their new books. The students were glad to receive the gifts.

The 4th graders get to take these dictionaries home. With the Elementary School's emphasis on writing, these books are an important resource. They are a useful homework tool, not just for writing, but for all subject areas.

The Dictionary Project was started in 1995 in Charleston, South Carolina by Mary French Simple. Her mission was to put a dictionary in every student's hand. Other organizations became interested and the Dictionary Project has now spread throughout the United States. 2,336,672 children have received a dictionary from volunteers who have participated in The Dictionary Project.

The community would like to thank the Beta Epsilon Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma and United Community Bank for co-sponsoring the Dictionary Project in Union County.

Dictionary Project in Union County

Dictionary Project in Union County