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Diabetes Foundation of Georgia Founder Bob Taylor

Diabetes Foundation of Georgia
Golf Tournament - one of many fundraisers
hosted by the Diabetes Foundation of Georgia.

June 29, 2009 - Annual Golf Tournament to benefit Diabetes Foundation of Georgia

Bob Taylor, President and Founder of the Diabetes Foundation of Georgia, is busy planning the upcoming Annual Summer Golf Tournament in Blairsville, Georgia. An important fundraiser, the Golf Tournament will be held at Chatuge Golf Course on July 17, 2009. There will be a first place cash prize so sign up now!

Please help us help others and have fun at the same time. Teams consist of four players. Cost is $75.00 each. The Golf Tournament starts at 2:00 p.m. Shot Gun Start, Best Ball. Team money and team sheet may be given to Scott Massey at Chatuge Golf Course before July 15, 2009 or mailed to the Diabetes Foundation of Georgia, P.O. Box 1580 , Blairsville, Georgia 30514. Please make checks payable to the Diabetes Foundation of Georgia. (All donations are tax deductible.) Enter early, only twenty teams will be signed up!

With headquarters located in Blairsville , Georgia , at 41 Hospital Street , Bob Taylor is a familiar face around Union County . Bob and foundation volunteers work hard to develop educational materials and make them available to diabetics and their families. They help diabetics obtain supplies and actually keep many items stocked on the office shelves for emergency situations (although insulin is not dispensed by the Diabetes Foundation of Georgia).

The Diabetes Foundation of Georgia exists to help others. They stress the importance of early recognition of diabetes mellitus and medical supervision of its treatment. The foundation also promotes a free exchange of knowledge between physicians and the public in order to improve the standards of treatment. They promote research and encourage services that will enhance the welfare of individuals having diabetes.


Diabetes Foundation of Georgia

Diabetes Foundation of Georgia

The Diabetes Foundation of Georgia, Inc. recently celebrated the opening of its first office in Blairsville, Georgia. Bob Taylor, President and Founder of the Foundation, was joined by family, friends, and members of the community to participate in the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

The Blairsville Union County Chamber of Commerce's representative gave Bob a big pair of scissors to cut the ribbon. He said, "I appreciate everyone coming today. I want to especially thank Charles Jenkins. He is pushing a bill through the House that will get participating diabetics a special tag. The bill will also allow diabetics to have a star on their license to identify their condition in case of an emergency situation."

Rep. Jenkins told a story about finding a woman on the side of the road. She was slipping into a diabetic coma when Jenkins called 911. The paramedics saved her life. Many guests had stories like this to tell.

Taylor added, "It costs less than 10% of our funds to run this agency. I want to stress that all of the dollars we receive stay in Georgia."

Taylor has already helped his first client. A young man was referred by DFCS and Taylor helped him to get the correct medicines. "What a reward it was to see this young man's life improve."

Glenda Taylor, Bob's wife, is Co-Founder of the organization. She offered everyone food and orange juice, "Just in case your blood sugar drops!"

The Diabetes Foundation of Georgia is a great addition to Blairsville, Georgia. Local people are proud to have the Foundation's headquarters located in Union County.