DFCS helps Katrina Evacuees

Union County DFCS Helps Katrina Evacuees

The dedicated staff members of Union County's Department of Family and Children's Services worked hard to help the victims of the recent hurricanes. The staff helped evacuees apply for assistance and referred them to the Red Cross and the local Food Pantry. DFCS employees worked long hours and some staff members worked as late as 11:00 p.m. to process applications. Workers from Union County were also available to help out in Gwinnett and Cobb County offices.

DFCS staff members developed an information sheet and contacted local colleges, hotels, churches, businesses, and organizations. The information sheet listed items needed by evacuees. The staff also accepted and distributed theses items to evacuees located in our area. Union County DFCS served 28 families (51 people).

DFCS would like to thank the many individuals in Blairsville, Georgia that gave new clothes, shoes, books, food, supplies, toys, and gift certificates. They would especially like to thank Seasons Bank in Blairsville for donating towels and washcloths, the First United Methodist Church for donating shampoo, deodorant, and feminine products, New Liberty Church for donating food and pharmacy gift certificates, blankets, pillows, food, toiletries, baby products, laundry supplies, towels, new under wear, and socks, the Veterans for new toys and books, the office of Woodside, Boemanns, Ferguson, & Barrett for a $200 Goodies gift certificate, Log Cabin Patchworks and Mountain Quilters for blankets and homemade quilts, and the Red Cross for sending many items to Blairsville, Georgia from the Gainesville office.

Union County is fortunate to have a dedicated, professional staff at the Blairsville DFCS office. These ladies and gentlemen work hard to help families and children in our area. Sometimes their job is difficult, but they manage to get everything done. During Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita the DFCS staff made sure that everyone was treated with respect and kindness. Thanks to Union County DFCS and other caring people, many families not only had necessities, but received a few extra items to bring a little joy into a dark time.