Decorating Blairsville
Steve Oakley, Jim Eubanks, Martyne Jokela, Betty Williams, Jane Thompson, and Sam Ensley

Decorating Blairsville

It takes lots of work to decorate a house for the holidays. It takes even more to decorate a town! Blairsville, Georgia has a group of dedicated individuals that do a fantastic job every year.

The Decorating Committee for the old courthouse is headed by Blairsville City Council Member Betty Williams. She coordinates the efforts, sees that everything gets done, and helps hang decorations.

Committee members include Betty J.Shuler, President of the Historical Society, Steve Oakley, Executive Director of the Historical Society, and Martyne Jokela, Recording Secretary of the Historical Society. They play a big part in the decorating.

Phil Tolliver is also on the committee. He is a jack-of-all- trades and has volunteered to troubleshoot the breaker problems at the old courthouse. Of course, he also helps place ornaments on the tree!

Jane Thompson, Sam Ensley, Jim Eubanks, and Norman Cooper are also on the decorating committee and do their part to make the Union County Historical Courthouse sparkle.

Officer H.L. Harris from the Department of Corrections helped get things done, too. Wreaths were hung, lights put up, and trees were decorated.

The City of Blairsville 's Maintenance Crew works on the side streets while the committee works on the square. They brave the wind and cold to get things in place. With help from Alltel, and individual businesses, the whole town gets decorated!

Inside the courthouse, a 12 foot tree is the focus of attention. It is covered with hundreds of gold memory ornaments from the 80's and 90's. These ornaments were purchased and donated throughout the years in honor and memory of loved ones. Each one is special.

Our own Norman Cooper does "his tree" every year. He has created a custom snowflake topper. It takes a bucket truck to place it just right, but when finished, this outside "jolly-holly" tree is a masterpiece!

The Union County Historical Society and the Blairsville Decorating Committee would like to invite everyone to come inside the old courthouse for a visit. It is a great time to see the museum and the great tree with the golden memory ornaments.

The decorating will continue until the Christmas Parade. Final touches, such as animated reindeer and more trees, will be added then. Blairsville is full of Christmas cheer because of these hard-working decorators. Congratulations on a job well done!


Decorating for fall
Clockwise - Karen Robiti, Caroline Glenn, Barb Rolhoff, and Barb Rizzitello beside colorful fall decorations

Saturday, Sept. 29, 2007 - Downtown Blairsville is coming alive again this fall.

The Downtown Development Authority, members of the design committee, and local volunteers have begun decorating the square. Cornstalks, hay bales, flowers, and bows add fall color to the lights around the old historic courthouse. More will be added as Halloween nears.

The DDA would like to thank those in the community for their donations: The Dyers, Duckworth Antiques, The Flower Garden, and Bob Head. Again our little community has pulled together for something we can all enjoy!