New book by David Dosser

Let Justice Be Done by David Dosser now in bookstores

"Let Justice Be Done - The Life and Times of Justice J. Harold Hawkins" by David Dosser, Sr. of Hiawassee, Georgia is a must read for anyone interested in the history of the North Georgia area. Dosser says of Hawkins, "Everyone that knew him, loved him. He was involved in all kinds of community projects."

The book is a gripping biography of the life of Judge Harold Hawkins and an account of the cases he tried while serving as Superior Court Judge of the Blue Ridge Judicial Circuit. Judge Hawkins (May 22, 1892 - June 8, 1961) was witness to many facets of society that are extremely disturbing in today's world.

"Let Justice Be Done" was written as a tribute to Dosser's late father-in-law, but has become much more. It is a riveting story of the early and middle years of the 1900's and deals with race relations, women's rights, and the complicated world of Georgia politics.

Dosser doesn't cover up, he enlightens. Fascinating facts are revealed in "Let Justice Be Done." Did you know that on August 16, 1924, an act of the Georgia General Assembly abolished death by hanging and substituted death by electrocution? Or that in 2001 the Georgia Supreme Court ruled the electric chair unconstitutional and lethal injection became the legal method of execution for all inmates sentenced to the death penalty?

Dosser's book not only inspires readers with the biography of a fair and just man (Hawkins), but it also entertains with stories about our heritage. The Smyrna race riot of 1938, the Great Depression, the Ku Klux Klan, and various murder cases all play a part in Dosser's biography of Judge Hawkins.

David Dosser, Sr. currently lives in Hiawassee with wife, Anne Hawkins Dosser. He adds, "I did a lot of the research for the book on the internet. That's where I found most of the information about the race riots." Dosser has a close family that includes three children, eight grandchildren, and two great-great grandchildren.