Colwell Yellow Bell in Blairsville, Georgia

Year of the Colwell Yellow Bell in Blairsville, Georgia

Mrs. Mary Sue Colwell has a huge forsythia bush in her front yard. The bush is over 40 years old and is having a great spring. "Many people have commented on it throughout the years." says Colwell, "But it is really attracting attention this year."

The bush is outstanding. It's about the size of a  small house and the color is bright yellow. When the sun hits it just right, the bush lights up the whole yard.

Mrs. Colwell has had her forsythia bush for about 45 years. She remembers ordering ten of them from a seed catalogue during the early 60's for her border. They arrived bare-rooted and didn't look like much. Her husband's cousin planted them and had one left over which he put right in the middle of the front yard.

"We were having a draught that spring and I watered it a couple of times during that first week. I really thought it would die. It didn't do much for a couple of years then one spring it bloomed. It has done better than all the others put together. The soil must be just right."

The bush has never been fertilized or pruned. It thrives on the sunshine, mountain air, and good, rich soil.

Mrs. Colwell's bush has even been on TV. Atlanta's most famous weatherman, Ken Cook, aired a photo of the bush on WAGA TV.

Forsythia bushes are old-time favorites. They go by many names including Yellow Bell, Yellow Bush, and Easter Bush. Forsythias are originally from China and southeastern Europe. They are named after the English horticulturist, William Forsyth.

Mrs. Colwell is the former Miss Mary Sue Akins of Blairsville, Georgia. She lives on the Gainesville Highway. If you have traveled that way over past few weeks, you have probably noticed her "famous" forsythia bush. Flowers are especially beautiful this spring, and it's certainly a great year for the Colwell Yellow Bell.