Blairsville artist Chuck Rogers

February 23, 2008 - Blairsville artist Chuck Rogers creating signs for over 25 years

Blairsville artist Chuck Rogers has been painting signs for local businesses for over twenty-five years. His work is seen on buildings and signs all over Union County and surrounding areas. You might not have heard of Chuck Rogers but you have probably seen his work. Everything from the original Catfish Corner sign to the famous scene of Alexander's Store to the covers of the Scottish Festival programs, Chuck has produced literally thousands of signs, logos, portraits, and murals.

Chuck Rogers was born in the Dooley section of Union County where his family had been settled for generations. In the 50's when Chuck was a young child, they uprooted and moved up north to find work. Chuck returned to Blairsville in 1979 where he found employment as a graphic design artist with Owenby's Manufacturing Company.

In 1979 Owenby's had 10 sewing factories running wide open. Chuck designed their catalogues until work moved overseas and "lay-offs" became common practice. Chuck says, "I was raised to work and so after being laid off I dug ditches. One day someone asked me to do a sign because they had heard I was an artist. Thus began my career as a sign painter."

Chuck adds, "I could have went to Atlanta , New York or any big city and made a lot more money but while on a trip to a convention in Dallas , Texas , I got homesick for Blairsville. There's something about this little mountain town that hooks you in."

Chuck opened up shop full-time in 1982 and has been painting signs and designing logos ever since. As a self taught artist, Chuck does traditional hand lettering (an art that is slowing dying out). This intricate process is amazing to watch. Chuck holds his brushes and gracefully twirls the brush at just the right moment to get everything letter perfect.

The digital age has not left Chuck Rogers behind. He says, "I've been designing on a computer now for at least ten years. I do logos, brochure layout, magazine artwork, tee-shirt design, and pretty much anything else to do with art."

Chuck Rogers is also a fine artist. He does sculpture, oil paintings, and portraits. His sculptures and paintings contain vivid colors and attention to detail. His work displays an essence that is almost mystical.

Chuck Rogers' Dancing Raven Signs & Graphics Shop is located in Downtown Blairsville at 208 Earnest Street across from Blairsville Restaurant.