School Chorus

Union County Middle and High School Chorus - The Many Sounds of Christmas in Blairsville, Georgia

A concert by the Union County Middle School and Union County High School Chorus was recently held at Blairsville's First Baptist Church. The Many Sounds of Christmas was directed by Alicia Covington, with Mary McFarland, as accompanist.

The Middle School 6th grade chorus sang first, followed by the 7th grade, then the 8th grade. All three middle school grades joined together and sang "White Christmas" before the scheduled intermission. They gave a great performance.

During the break, members of the chorus visited with friends and family. Nicole Knox, a 10th grade soprano, says she plans on teaching music. She adds, "The chorus is more than just singing. It's inspirational, fun, and something to look forward to." Another 10th grade soprano, Deana Brown, says she enjoys singing very much but wants to be an orthodontist. Anjel Gibson, a 9th grade alto, says she sings for fun. 12th grade soprano, Krista Dayton and 11th grade tenor, Stephen Price, say they like spending time with friends. "We have lots of good friends in the chorus."

After intermission, the Union County High School Men's Ensemble sang, "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen". Next the Union County High School Women's Chorus sang "Mary, Did You Know?" These young people did a terrific job.

For the grand finale, all chorus members gathered on stage to sing "Carol of the Bells." The Union County Middle and High School Chorus received a standing ovation! There are approximately 180 students in the Middle School and High School Chorus. Covington manages to handle this large group without too many problems! She deserves red roses after every performance.

Covington has been teaching chorus for five years. She attended Brevard College in North Carolina and University of Georgia in Athens . She holds a B. A. in Music Therapy and a Masters in Music Education. Covington plays piano and the French horn.

The Middle and High School Chorus participate in many events and festivals. The Middle School Chorus sings at various nursing homes and the High School Chorus gives a fall and spring concert every year. Union County can be proud to have such an outstanding chorus in the school system.