Chipper Intimidator

Chipper Intimidator in Blairsville, Georgia makes mulch instead of ashes

There's a new Intimidator in Union County. The machine makes land clearing simple and quick by chipping logs and brush into mulch. The resulting product looks nice and provides an alternative to burning.

Blake Foster, owner of Georgia Mountain Timber Log Homes, says, "This chipper is not your average machine. It grinds up whole trees and then blows the mulch into the yard. The whole process is environmentally friendly."

The Intimidator is owned by Edward Gibson Tree Removal Service in Blairsville, Georgia. It is quite a sight to see the operation. Whole logs are turned into chips that blow out up to 100 feet. In just a few seconds there is a groundcover of nice looking mulch.

Foster is a fully insured licensed builder in the State of Georgia and is certified in soil erosion and sedimentation. For more information about Georgia Mountain Timber Log Homes call Blake Foster.