Chamber of Commerce Dinner

Chamber of Commerce Dinner 2008

Annual Blairsville Union Chamber of Commerce Meeting

Annual Blairsville Union County Chamber of Commerce Meeting

The 2006 Annual Blairsville Union Chamber of Commerce Meeting was a little different this year. There were no plaques, no awards, and no long speeches! Renee Brock, President of the Chamber welcomed everyone. She said, "Work is done daily to ensure economic improvements in our community. We would like Chamber members to know that our doors are always open. We take all your suggestions to heart."

Brock also pointed out that the Chamber's web site had a huge increase in internet hits during 2005. She thanked Judy Fulkerson for a job well done. Pastor Jeremy Henderson said a short prayer, guests ate dinner, and Rusty Royston, Chairman of the Board of Directors, gave a short speech.

Everyone who participated in the work and success of the Chamber during 2005 were thanked and applauded as a group. Royston explained, "This change in no way should be construed as a lack of appreciation on behalf of the Chamber to those who have and continue to give so much to the Chamber, its purpose, its mission and our shared vision for the future of our community. As a non-profit, volunteer organization, the support the Chamber receives is essential and crucial to achieving our purpose."

Royston went on to quickly touch on the eight point plan that serves a guide for the chamber's work. The plan covers tourism, small business development, event sponsorship, leadership development, community awareness, downtown revitalization, partnerships, and organizational development. Then the fun began. Brock introduced Dr. Holiday, the Hilarious Hypnotist.

Everyone enjoyed the show. Outstanding members of our community, straight-laced folks that would never act up in public, danced the twist, bellowed out Tarzan yells, and fought off invisible wild birds. It was definitely hilarious and the crowd had a ball. People were seen wiping tears because they laughed so hard. Thanks to the suggestion of Chamber members and the foresight of our Chamber leaders, this year's event was never boring or dull. Dr. Holiday's show was entertaining and the event was fun for all that attended.

Chamber of Commerce recently held a Christmas open house

December 14, 2007 - Chamber of Commerce hosts Christmas open house

The Blairsville-Union Chamber of Commerce recently held a Christmas open house for chamber members, friends, and other members of the community. Chamber President Cindy Williams, Office Administrator Linda Roberson, Information Specialist Debra Edwards, and Chamber volunteers were on hand to greet guests and welcome people to the event. Over a hundred people dropped by to participate in the open house. It was a great afternoon with good company, delicious food, and Christmas cheer.