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February 11, 2009 - Chad Farrell combines the arts with technology in Blairsville, Georgia

Many of the students at Union County High School have dreams of becoming writers, actors, directors, and filmmakers. There are clubs that offer creative outlets for our local teens, but none are geared directly toward film, cinema, and the internet.

That's where Chad Farrell comes in. He has a dream of introducing kids to the filmmaking process by combining the arts with technology. Chad is currently undertaking a project intended to foster an interest in drama and filmmaking through storyboards, script writing, camera techniques, directing, editing, sound, animation, claymation, graphic design, and the internet. He says, "The kids in the local Hollywoodreamz program will learn by doing. We will actually create a small-town teen drama that will air on the internet."

Chad Farrell is currently offering classes for the young people in Union County . Some have already signed up and are attending weekly meetings at various places in Blairsville. All teenagers interested in learning about the filmmaking process are encouraged to attend and parents are invited, too!

A raffle is underway to raise money for much needed equipment. Chad would like to purchase a three-chip 24p mode camera and lighting kit with boom mike and other sound equipment. He says, "We really want to do things right and will need to purchase professional equipment. I figure it will cost about $5000."

Chad spent four years in New York and Los Angeles , California where he worked as production assistant for several television shows including the popular TV dramas CSI and ER. He has also directed several independent films that have been submitted to various film festivals. His most recent work titled "Redemption Point" is currently in post production.

Chad was born and raised in Union County . He graduated from UCHS in 1996. Chad is currently a substitute teacher in grades K - 12, officiates at basketball games, and umpires at baseball games.

Hollywoodreamz is dedicated to establishing a safe and positive environment in which young actors, writers, and aspiring filmmakers can explore their creativity while gaining an understanding of the ever-changing world of technology and communication. The program is not affiliated with the Union County School System.

Sponsors include Alexander's Store, Radio Shack of Blairsville, Blairsville's Home Depot, Pat's Hallmark, Appalachian Community Bank, and Esbee Spa and Beauty. Hollywoodreamz would like to thank all these sponsors for their generous support. Chad adds, "We look forward to building ongoing relationships with these and other community members."