Sarah Chumbley points out empty shelf after burglars took her TV

September 15, 2005 - Burglary Plague hits Union County

People are alarmed at the recent outbreak of burglaries in Union County and surrounding areas. Mountain Audio and Video owners Carole Konkel says, "We are working overtime to meet the demand for security systems. I wish they would catch the robbers so everyone would be safe and we could go back to doing home entertainment systems." Everyone you talk to has been robbed, their neighbor has been robbed, or they know someone that has been robbed.

Sarah Chumbley came home from work around 5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 14, 2007 . She didn't notice anything unusual and went about her business. About fifteen minutes later she came back downstairs and noticed a dust bunny on the living room floor. Sarah says, "I saw that dust ball and realized my 42" plasma TV was gone right off the shelf. They apparently peered in through the sliding glass door and spotted it." Large hand print smears are still clearly visible in the afternoon sunshine.

Sarah continues, "Then they must have gone around to the back door and broke in. I didn't have my deadbolt locked but you better believe I will from now on. I want all of Union County to know about this so that people can be on the lookout. These robbers need to be caught and punished so we can feel safe again."

Sarah's neighbors are usually at home during the day but happened to be gone on a three day trip. The burglars took her TV, a loaded 22 pistol, a coin collection, and some jewelry. They were very particular in what they chose to steal. "People need to lock their doors and windows, be alert, report suspicious activity, help look out for one another, and never leave their children at home alone," says Sarah. "These robbers are watching homes and hitting when cars are gone. Children wouldn't know what to do."

Many areas in Union County have been hit by the burglars including Downtown Blairsville, Track Rock, Hidden Lake, Choestoe, and Kiutuestia. Many folks are especially worried about our elderly citizens that live alone. Victims feel violated and are wondering about this sudden increase in crime. During much conversation about the burglaries, no one blamed the cops and most felt the Sheriff's department is doing their best.

Many people do blame the rising cost of groceries and other necessities, the lack of good paying jobs, and society as a whole. When it gets to where you can't pray in the schools, you can't post the Ten Commandments, and you are thought of as a fanatic if you mention the name of Jesus, then increased crime comes as no big surprise.

Most folks around here agree. Let's keep prayer in Union County schools, let's post the Ten Commandments, and let's praise the name of Jesus. That's what makes Union County so special and that's what will save us in the end.