Blairsville Police Chief Johnny Carroll

Burglaries under investigation

Two burglaries in downtown Blairsville are currently under investigation in the relatively crime free area of Union County. Blairsville Chief of Police, Johnny Carroll says, "I can't compromise the investigation by going public with descriptions of items that were taken and I can't tell you if the two events are related. I can fill you in on some of the information from the reports."

It was a surprise on Tuesday, Jan 17, 2006 around 6:30 PM when library patrons found alarms going off during a visit to the book-drop box. The police arrived next after being alerted by the security system. The report stated that the main door had been shattered with a brick.

Employees were shocked when they arrived at Blairsville Restaurant early Tuesday, Jan 24, around 3:30 AM to find the place had been burglarized. (Instead of making biscuits, they had to deal with a break-in.) In both cases, police responded quickly to secure the scenes.