Buffalo with their calves

Buffalo Babies in Union County

Everyone is used to seeing cows, horses, goats, and even sheep in Union County. After all, the area is an agricultural community. Now we can add buffalo to the list.

The buffalo appear to be doing well and many of the females have young. The male buffalos are fierce looking creatures but the babies look fuzzy and sweet. New momma's can be really protective, so always keep your distance if you stop to admire the herd. Although they are vegetarians, buffalo will attack humans if provoked. They appear slow, but they can easily outrun humans-they have been observed running as fast as 45 miles per hour. Buffalo have no natural enemies.

Most herds are established to provide meat and hides. Buffalo meat is lower in fat and cholesterol than beef which has led to the development of beefalo, a cross-breed of buffalo and domestic cattle. It is served in many fine restaurants.