Bruce Payne celebrates his 100th Christmas

Bruce Payne

Wilburn Bruce Payne, born March 20, 1905, is celebrating his 100th Christmas in 2005! He's expecting his many family members to visit during the holidays. He also looks forward to some "made-from- scratch" coconut cake.

Mr. Payne recently moved to Union County Nursing Home in Blairsville, Georgia where he enjoys watching the busy nurses running up and down the halls.

Bruce lived on Upper Young Cane (Jones Creek) in Union County for 100 years where he made a good living as a farmer. Local people say, "He was always a good neighbor, helping out when there was a need."

Payne remembers lots of history. He was born when Theodore Roosevelt was President and has seen 16 more presidents so far during his lifetime.

His loving wife, Nellie Dyer Payne, passed away in December 1996. They have three children, Ernest Payne, Louise Payne Worthington, and Ethel Payne. They also have 8 grandchildren, 15 great grandchildren, and 2 great great grandchildren.

Bruce Payne turns 101

Bruce Payne Turn 101 on March 20, 2006

Bruce Payne recently celebrated his 101 birthday with family and friends at Union County Nursing Home. There were two large birthday cakes, angel food cake, fruit punch, singing, and dancing.

James Stephens provided the music. He entertained everyone by singing and playing guitar. Guests included nursing home residents, Mr. Payne's children, and other family members. Bruce, born and raised in Union County, has numerous grandchildren and four great-great grandchildren. The celebration was enjoyed by everyone that attended.

Thanks to the Union County Nursing Home for their dedication. They do a wonderful job of caring for the residents. Also, thanks to the staff and volunteers that make the monthly birthday celebrations possible.