Brooke Dills

February 28, 2009 - Motorized chair presented to Brooke Dills

Youth Bowling League Director (and coach) Curtis Corn recently presented a motorized chair to Brooke Dills of Blairsville, Georgia. He says, "When Neville called and told me one was available, I immediately thought of Brooke."

Manager Cherrie Bellassai of Galaxy Bowing arranged the donation. Bowler Bob Brown purchased the battery and the chair was ready to go. Brooke is excited to have the freedom a motorized chair provides. She says, "Thank you so much. I can't wait to try it out in Meeks Park !"

Neville Smith says, "Hey Brooke, Galaxy Bowling is not responsible for speeding tickets!" He adds with all seriousness, "We are glad someone that really needs the chair can use it."

The Youth Bowling League has 22 members and meets at 10:20 a.m. every Saturday morning at the Galaxy Bowling facility in Union County. Coaches Curtis Corn, Jerry Thomas, Dewey Allen, and Pete Meyers are on hand to offer help and expertise whenever needed. Curtis adds, "The season is about over but a new one starts in August. If your child would like to sign up for the league, please call Galaxy Bowling at (706) 745- 4444 for more information."

The Youth Bowling League is currently planning several fundraisers for regular trips to the Georgia Youth Bowling Tournaments and other activities (donations are welcome at any time). More information about the upcoming fundraisers will be available soon.