Flowerbeds add to hometown charm

Beverly Bradley's flowerbeds add to Blairsville's hometown charm

There are lots of beautiful flowerbeds in Union County and none are prettier than Beverly Bradley's. One stands out because of its age and location. Located in front of Cadence Bank, the flowerbed has "character."

Once a part of the old Graypelle Colwell home place, the bed adds color to Blairsville every season of the year. Many people still remember Mrs. Colwell's ground hugging thrift (phlox subulata) in spring and her tall gladioli in summer.

Running beside Blue Ridge Street , the bed is currently maintained by Georgia Certified Landscaping Professionals Beverly Bradley, Ed Ludwig, and Cole Huggins of Beverly Bradley Landscape Design Company.

Bradley says, "Thank goodness they had the sense to leave the old rock wall standing."

Bradley has been landscaping around Blairsville, Georgia for 23 years. Partner Ludwig says, "We work around town a lot but really specialize in residential work, doing native plants with low maintenance. We call it nesting the home into its surroundings."

The roses and pansies are certainly nestled into their winter bed and promise a colorful show this spring. Many local businesses, clubs, and individuals bring beauty to our community by planting flowers and trees. Many others work daily to preserve parts of our heritage. By leaving even small examples of the past for future generations to enjoy, we can help keep Blairsville a special hometown.

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