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Aquarium Trip to Atlanta

Union County Primary School visits Georgia Aquarium

The Union County Primary School recently went on a field trip to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. They road in chartered buses, wore color-coded, tie-dyed tee shirts, and enjoyed a picnic lunch in Olympic Centennial Park.

Once at the aquarium, the beluga whales were a big hit with the kids. The white whales amazed everyone with their playful and graceful movements.

Nico and Gasper, two male beluga whales, are approximately 15 years old. They are both around 12 feet long and are being maintained with three female belugas, which are on a breeding loan from the New York Aquarium.

The children also liked the whale sharks, petting the stingrays, and watching the turtles and penguins.

The aquarium had many hands-on activities. There was a 3-D movie that explained how the earth depends on its oceans for life-sustaining oxygen. The whole day was a wonderful, fun-filled learning event.

The children and adults enjoyed the field trip. It was a long, exciting day and most of the participants fell asleep on the way back home to Blairsville. The field trip was a great experience for the students, teachers, and chaperones. Thanks to all that helped make the day a success.