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Allan Geldean

January 11, 2009 - Allan Geldean and the PORTADRILLMINI

Allan Geldean obtained a patent for his portable well drilling machine in 2001 and has been helping people drill wells ever since. Affectionately known as the PORTADRILLMINI T, the invention was developed in Blairsville, Georgia, and has made it possible for wells to be drilled in areas that are too remote or too confined for conventional well drilling equipment.

Offering state-of-the art- drilling equipment, related drilling products, and consulting services, Allan Geldean does 66% of his business overseas and often assists humanitarian groups and universities with drilling projects.

Geldean travels to Africa several times a year. He says, "I do a lot of business in Africa . Wells over there are few and far between. When villagers have to walk miles to fill a container with water, they are very excited to get a closer water supply. Villages share wells and send men to guard the equipment twenty-four hours a day."

Geldean continues, "Humanitarian groups establish missions all over the world and then they need water. They depend on me to show them how to use the PORTADRILLMINI. It is rewarding work. You see all kinds of things that make you appreciate living in America , especially a place like Union County ."

Geldean has been in the well drilling business since 1988. During the past 22 years, he has made a natural progression from working on big rigs to becoming a manufacturer and supplier of quality drilling products. Geldean currently owns A & D Drilling Supply Corporation which is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and consulting firm in the well drilling industry.

Allan Geldean lives in the southern part of Union County near Vogel State Park . He says, "We are currently searching for manufacturing assistance such as grants and investment partners to expand operations here in the Blairsville area. As we grow, we will need larger facilities for operations, manufacturing, assembly, and shipping." Geldean continues, "The PORTADRILLMINI is made in the USA . I think the country needs to start bringing in foreign dollars. Let's stop importing and start exporting. That would sure help boost our sluggish economy."

Allan Geldean's PORTADRILLMINI is a lightweight, simplified, and inexpensive alternative drilling system that can drill to depths of 200 feet. It can be easily operated by one person and is constructed to negotiate narrow passageways. It is easily transported to even the most remote areas of the world where conventional roads are almost none existent. The PORTADRILLMINI offers the well drilling industry a new and exciting choice.