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Life Chain against abortion

October 7, 2007 - Life Chain takes a stand against abortion

Highway 515 in Blairsville, Georgia was recently the scene of a Life Chain. Over fifty participants joined together with thousands of other Americans and Canadians to pray for God's intervention. Signs were held for all passing traffic to see. Jesus forgives and heals, abortion kills children, and abortion hurts women, gave their message in plain English (and Spanish).

The Life Chain is a prayer service. Participants are asked to pray and meditate continually for one hour with no talking. The Life Chain is not a rally or celebration. According to the Code of Conduct, "We stand against a holocaust.abortion kills children. Our spirit and countenance should bear witness to this fact. Let us also express, as best we can, the love and forgiveness found in our Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for standing up for Life, for defending the weak and the fatherless and for maintaining a prayerful spirit."

The hopes of the Life Chain are that God's Church will rise up united against abortion's horrors and that He might equip the Church with a divine strategy to end the unconscionable killing of unborn children in our nation. "If our Life Chain is a true hour of prayer, God will faithfully honor it, as He has promised. Please help make this hour a turning point in the destiny of our nation."

As traffic slowed to see what was going on, many drivers honked horns. Some shouted encouragement. A few shouted obscenities. Whatever people's opinion, the Life Chain exercised the right of free speech, the right to assemble together, and the right of freedom of religion. God Bless America .