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Georgia's Union County Democrats hear from Citizens' Climate Lobby
By Janice Boling


Vernon Dixon presents slideshow to Union County Democrats



November 10, 2016 -- Union County Democrats meet in Blairsville, Georgia

Approximately twenty-five Union County Georgia Democrats and their guests recently met in Blairsville, Georgia. Everyone was energetic and ready to get back to working for a brighter future.

Citizens' Climate Lobby Presentation by Vernon Dixon

During the meeting, attendees were treated to an interesting and informative presentation by Vernon Dixon of Citizens' Climate Lobby. Dixon says, “The climate is changing now. We should too!”

The Citizens' Climate Lobby volunteers work to break down partisan and ideological barriers. They are reaching out to key players and building positive, effective working relationships to help solve the problems of climate change at the source.

The Citizens' Climate Lobby empowers people from all wakes of life to become effective advocates for a livable world. They meet regularly with members of Congress, collaborate with like-minded groups, host outreach events, conduct letter writing campaigns, and seek endorsements from community leaders. Everyone can help, stresses Dixon, by writing a letter to an elected official.

A few letters on the same subject make a politicians' ears perk up! The same goes for emails.

The Citizens' Climate Lobby plans to stabilize the climate and boost the economy by placing a fee on fossil fuels at the source – mine, well, or port of entry, to distribute all revenues to U.S. households to offset higher energy prices, and to include a border tariff adjustment to discourage businesses from relocating to avoid emission rules.

The Lobby hopes their plan will reduce demand for fossil fuels and make alternative sources more affordable while avoiding government energy subsidies and regulations.

Vernon adds, "If you know of any other groups, churches, or business organizations that might be interested in a presentation, just let me know."

Citizens' Climate Lobby has hundreds of chapters in the U.S. -- so contact them today and get involved. Please visit the Citizens' Climate Lobby website or email Vernon Dixon at for more information.

The Union County Democrats in the North Georgia Mountains

If interested in learning more about important issues, please consider coming to a monthly meeting of the Democratic Party. Sometimes gathering with like-minded people can be a real treat -- not to mention the friendly pot luck dinners.

According to the Union County page of the Georgia Democratic Party website, “County Democratic Committees are the primary point of contact between the Democratic Electorate and the Democratic Party and are often the entry point for Democratic activists and candidates. County Committees in Georgia are chartered as volunteer resources are available. Currently the Party is rebuilding its county committee network, particularly in counties with small populations, to ensure that Democrats in every area of the state have a voice in the electoral process.”

“Duties of County Committees include: electing State Committee Members; promoting Party development; recruiting qualified candidates for public office; supporting Democratic nominees; qualifying Democratic candidates for county office; and performing such primary and election functions as are required by law at the County level.”

“County Committees (Parties), may raise funds for the above purposes and like all Democratic Committees, they rely primarily on financial donations and volunteer support to enable their work. In addition to their official duties, each County Committee engages in activities that best suit the needs of their local community, as determined by their officers and membership.”

During the recent meeting, no one complained about past elections. There were no long faces or angry words -- just a room full of smart, hard working citizens ready to get back to work for their county, state, and country. Next meeting is in January.

If you have any questions about the Union County Democrats, please email Union County Party Chair, Ruth Minor at .

The National Democratic Party

Democrats believe that cooperation is better than conflict, unity is better than division, empowerment is better than resentment, and bridges are better than walls. If you would like to know more, visit the Democratic Party national website and read the 2016 platform.




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