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Chimpanzees moving to Blue Ridge, Georgia

Project Chiimps

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Estimates show that the chimp retirement project will probably cost $80 million over the course of its lifetime.


First group of nine chimps arrive in Blue Ridge

09-09-2016 - The first chimps have arrived in Blue Ridge. Jennifer, Gracie, Genesis, Buttercup, Charisse, Emma, Gertrude, Latricia and Samira are getting used to their new environment and resting after their journey from Louisiana. Watch videos and read more about the chimps at Popular Science.


Over 200 chimpanzees are moving to Blue Ridge! According to the Project Chimp website, "Project Chimps, in partnership with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, announced an agreement to relocate 220 retired research chimpanzees to its new sanctuary in Blue Ridge, Georgia." This is great news for the chimpanzees as they will be allowed to live out the rest of their lives in our beautiful North Georgia Mountains. Read more at Project Chimp or at the University of Louisiana website.


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